How to Stop Scam Phone Calls?

Millions of mobile-phone-related fraud cases are affecting consumers in the United States. And phone scams are reporting million-dollar gains to scammers, who have seen the proliferation of smartphones and easy way to get rich.Today we are more exposed than ever to all kinds of scams, so be careful not to become a victim of phone fraud. Next, I tell you what are the most common scam patterns and how you can avoid them.

Most common telephone frauds:Scammers use increasingly ingenious traps to get our personal data and our money. So, to avoid being ripped off, the most important thing is to know in advance the type of most common frauds. Here we leave a short list with some of them:Avoid downloading content from unofficial app stores. Some scammers develop spyware apps through which they steal data (including bank accounts) from their victims.

  • Do not return calls to long numbers and foreign prefixes. Scammers make quick (one-tone) calls so their victims do not have time to pick up the phone and are forced to call back. That is fraud since the number to which the call is made has a very high set-up cost and per-minute charge. In addition, the most common are that, when returning the call, the victim listens to a recording with the intention of prolonging the maximum possible time of the call.
  • Scammers often pose as government officials, bank employees, and even utility workers (water, Electricity, and gas). So, before giving personal information over the phone or replying to a text message, make sure that you have actually requested some service from one of these companies or agencies.
  • No one win’s prizes without having previously participated in a raffle or contest. So, if you have not participated in any, do not give your personal information and banking to any caller who calls you making sure you have won a car, a house or a trip.
  • If you are looking for work, be very careful with the calls that inform you of a possible job offer and ask you to call another phone number to know more details about the position. Before calling, look up the number on Google and make sure it is not a scam. If it is a trick of a swindler, that number will be special pricing and the call will cost you a few dollars.
  • Do not reply to text messages from unknown numbers or notify you that you have a new voice message. Most likely, you end up subscribing to a paid courier service.
  • Applications with virusesIt is a more sophisticated method and one that you do not realize until the invoice arrives. The criminals use an application of the millions that are daily downloaded to introduce a malicious code that programs your mobile to make calls to certain numbers without realizing that you have given permission to do so. And is that when you install that application, and even if you do not read the fine print, you are authorizing the subscription of SMS Premium shipments, messages that cost about $1.40. Until the bill arrives with the payment of several of these messages you cannot cancel the service.

Tip: Experts warn that it is always best to install applications from official pages and control the permissions they require.

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