Top 4 Reverse Phone Lookup Services

At present, with the advancement of mobile telephony, lots of mischievous individuals try to make fun of other people. They indulge in activities such as making some nuisance calls as well as sending undesirable text messages on your line. These types of activities are mostly seen amongst the teenagers although you’ll also find some adults who belong to these categories of people.

These notorious individuals might be sending you some romantic messages which are mainly intended to irritate you or even upset you. Sometimes they might also send some sensitive things such as erotic photographs of your wife to offend you. However, it is now possible to identify your tormentor with the help of reverse phone lookup. In this article, we will mention the 4 best reverse phone lookup services that will not only assist you to identify the offender, but also take the required actions.


1. Spokeo

Just like the previous services, in case you search for a landline number this site will offer you all the remaining details about that individual. You can get the first and last names of the owner as well as his or her address which should be enough to identify your secret caller.

2. White Pages

This company was founded in 1997 by Alex Algard. At first, it was intended to help individuals connect with one another. At present, the site can boast of having more than 300 million names of registered adults. The website has the facilities of reverse phone lookup, reverse address lookup as well as regular name search. In case you do have some of the particulars of any person, you will be able to get the rest from this site. For example, you might simply type the telephone number of that particular individual on this site in order to get the remaining details about him or her.

3. Any Who

This is yet another online tool which can assist you to identify the unknown caller. It makes use of the Yellow Pages platform for identifying the phone owners. You will be able to get more details about the individual just by searching his phone number. It will provide you with their names, addresses, and other important information.

4. True Caller

This happens to be a completely free reverse phone lookup site as well as mobile phone application. It has got nearly 2 billion pictures and names of registered phone users in its database. This particular app conforms to iOS, Blackberry, Windows as well as Android operating systems. When installed on the mobile phones, it shows the identification of all new callers automatically. You simply require typing the numbers on the app so as to identify the individuals who have sent the texts.

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